Question :
How can I set up an account with Outlook Express?
Answer :
1. For manual setup open up Outlook and click on "tools" then "accounts" (make sure your on "mail" tab) then click on "add" and select "mail".

2. Type in your display name and click "next"

3. It should ask you for your email address type in full email address and click "next”.

4. Incoming mail server should be set to "POP3"

5. Incoming mail server:

6. Outgoing mail server:

7. Account Name: type in the name of the e-mail address.

8. Username: The full address of the created mail account, for example:

9. Password: Type in the password that you set for the mail account in the control panel; this is not necessarily the same password as your hosting account password.

10. Log on using Secure Password Authentication: leave this box unchecked, if you check this it will not work.

11. Click "Next" and then "Finish"

12. In Outlook go to “tools” -> “Email accounts” -> “View or change existing e-mail accounts”, then select one of your newly created accounts and select “change” -> “More settings” -> “outgoing server”. Make sure the checkboxes "My server requires authentication" and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” are checked.

13. You’re done, provided you have everything set up in your control panel you should be able to send and receive mail with a good internet connection. If you can receive mail but not send mail, please try using your ISP's outgoing mail server in the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" as many ISP's are blocking outside mail servers in an effort to cut down on spam originating from their network.

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