Question :
What is the importance of Trademark Comprehensive Study?
Answer :
The main function of the Trademark Comprehensive Study is to help you in evaluating registration probabilities.

According to statistics, 35% of registration requests are not finished. This is due primarily to objections (oppositions or refusals) that arise during the trademark registration process. These objections can come from many reason but mainly they originate when a similar trademark is presented (whether graphically or phonetically) with one that is already registered, or when a notoriously famous trademark is presented from the outside.

You are familiarized with the optimum coverage of your trademark. Through the Study you will be advised about the class(es) in which you are required to register your trademark (and what products or services you need include in each class). This is very important for your trademark to be registered, as you may not be protected if the registration does not cover the adequate class(es), or you may be over protected, which signifies that you are losing money by registering in classes that are not necessary.

Finally, with the Comprehensive Study you save time and money. Usually the Office of Trademarks takes months to decide whether to accept or reject the processing of a trademark. For this reason, if you do not complete a prior evaluation, it is highly likely that you will lose not only the associated money for trademark registration tariffs, but also a large amount of time and energy.

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