Question :
What is the content of the Trademark Comprehensive Study?
Answer :
The Comprehensive Study is comprised of the following sections:

A) Optimal Protection: Recommendation of the classes in which you should register your trademark. The recommended classes are established from the description of the products and services of your business; our recommendation could confirm or modify the class selection made by you through our Class Search tool.

B) Trademark Search: List of preexisting trademarks that present some similarity with your trademark. Search is performed in the classes selected by the client or established in the Optimal Protection.

C) Analysis and Recommendation: Based on the Trademark Search and experience, our attorneys will present an estimate of trademark registration acceptance probabilities. Attorneys will also present a general recommendation regarding the trademark registration process.

d) Trademark Registration Proposition: Based on the Recommendation, our attorneys will present a Trademark Registration Proposition which the client may use as a reference when ordering the Trademark Registration.

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